There are instructions included with your deed. A witness in the U.K. must be:

  • Over 18;
  • Have mental capacity;
  • Must know you;
  • Be independent (Not partner, relative or someone living with you);
  • Must be present when you sign and than witness the signature.

You are relatively free to choose any name of your choosing in the UK. There are some exceptions and considerations, in particular you should not pick a name which causes offense or is vulgar; must not contain letters other than latin letters; having a politically inclined meaning, racial slur or promote anything illegal.

Change of name deeds are fixed price, with optional add ons for extra copies. It is relatively inexpensive.

A change of the name deed is a legal document that officially allows you to use and notify other bodies of your new name. It is far easier and cost effective to use a change of name deed also known as a deed poll than a statutory declaration – which achieves the same result but is both more time consuming and costly in comparison.