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By Purchasing or Using our Services or Website You Agree to these: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These terms do not affect your statutory rights.

Our service:

By using our service, you agree that our service will be provided through our Case Management Area, this will mean that you will be provided with a Username and Password to the email from which you use to purchase our service which you will need to Login. However in some circumstances this may not be required.

Our service is run by real individuals in real time, as such there may be some delay in getting correspondence to you depending on the demand in any event we will endeavour to ensure that you receive correspondence from us within 48 Hours, providing you contact us through your Case Management Area.

The timescale of each individual service is dependent upon the complexity of the service purchased. We will ensure your service is completed in a reasonable time period.

These terms and conditions are subject to the general terms and conditions on our website, as well as those that may arise under contract law in the performance of the services.

Our Obligations:

  • To provide you with your username and password
  • Provide you with full costs in respect of your case
  • To answer any reasonable queries you may have within a reasonable time period
  • To update you on progress in your matter through your Case Management Area unless agreed otherwise
  • To provide a quality service to you which is carried out with reasonable care and skill
  • To provide a copy of your final service or document through your Case Management Area unless agree otherwise


Your Obligations:

  • To log in regularly to you Case Management Area, or contact us immediately if you have problems
  • To communicate any information to us that may be required through your Case Management Area, or information in physical form if so required
  • To pay in full the cost of  your service including any tax due at the rate in force at the time, as well as disbursement costs before the end of your service
  • To ensure that you provide us with accurate information
  • Not to pass on the use of your Case Management Area to any other person or company without our express agreement in writing, and also furnish us with you r agreement to the same in writing
  • Not to sell or resell, provide any third party any of our documents or services unless it is with our express written consent, please see commercial limitations policy below.



All fees on the website are indicative, if they are priced in error, then you agree to pay the correct amount or you have a right to refund in that circumstance..

Fees are net of Tax, Postage and other disbursements such as court costs, bank costs etc...

If Clients would like documents through the post there may be a surcharge per letter of £5.00 which will cover postage and administration charges.

The invoice form in your Case Management Area will provide you with the costs outstanding in your matter; however it is indicative only – and may change.

We reserve the right not to carry out anywork until a fee has been paid in full or paid when requested.

Case Management Area:

By Purchasing our service you will be provided with a Username and Password to use our Case Management Area, this can be used only until two weeks after completion of your document and or service

You agree not to use the same after that period irrespective of whether it has been closed down.

You agree that you will not sell, or permit any person apart from the individual who purchased our service to use the same. Any breach may result in compensation for financial loss or a charge for further use to be calculated at our discretion.

If it suspected that other users are logging in to your Case Management Area and using it, we reserve the right to close this down, without any recourse.

Our services require the customer to print of their documents and have the requisite software on their computer to view their files.


You are entitled to a full refund of your fee within seven days of purchase of your service / document.

If you have purchased a document which has been processed by us then you will not be refunded, similarly if you have brought a service such as divorce and work has begun on this then you will not be refunded for this. For the purposes of avoidance of doubt where you have entered the client area, this is to be construed as the beginning of work.

Please note disbursements we will not be refunded such as court costs, you will need to contact the relevant body to which the disbursement was due if you would like a disbursement to be refunded.

If you would like to switch service, please note we reserve the right to agree or disagree and charge an administration fee which may not exceed £30.00

Commercial Restrictions and others:

Your document or service is limited solely to your individual personal use, you may not under any circumstances pass it on for use or for commercial use or sale. Copyright of documents or services will remain the sole copyright of Cube Legal. You may use the document intended for you as many times as you require for your own use. Our web content may not be used without our express permission, and is only indicative; we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content in all circumstances.

Cube Legal cannot provide certain deadlines as such any deadline to a document and service is wholly different and can vary as such they should be used for indication only; we cannot guarantee meeting deadlines as such we will not be liable if you miss a deadline which is dependent on our service.


If you fail to communicate any response to our questions or queries in the performance of your service through your Case Management Area for 8 weeks or more, then we will treat your service as forfeited. No refund will be made. This includes request for fees, if they are unpaid.

Our service and obligations to you will terminate on one or more of the following events:

  • Completion of your service
  • Forfeiture by you (see below)
  • Suspected activity or misuse
  • Your express confirmation of termination subject to be in writing and posted to our address unless otherwise agreed
  • For legal reasons such incapacity or being a minor

Any wish to terminate your service with us must be in writing, and can be posted to our address. We also reserve our discretionary right to cancel at any time so long as we inform you of the same.


We take complaints very seriously and endeavour to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, as such if you have a grievance with any part of your service please go through our internal complaints procedure.

We will also provide you information on the outcome of your complaint.

For any grievances please email: grievance@cubelegal.co.uk from the email you used to purchase our service and you will be sent a form to complete to start our formal grievance procedure.

Reviewing our service:

If you have used our service you agree that any review you provide is an accurate reflection of our service, you may only review the service which you purchased. Any review you provide must not name any individual names of the representatives of cube legal or its third party providers. You cannot use our review section to mention or highlight any other companies such as legal service providers or provide web addresses. You must not use offensive language.

Any misuse of this may result in an action for misrepresentation/ libel or slander –but actions will not be limited to these, compensation may also be sought.

Reviews are subject to agreement by Cube Legal although Cube Legal will do its best to make sure all reviews are vetted, it cannot in all circumstances guarantee this. This will mean that it will result

Liability and Events outside our Control:

We will not be liable in the following events:

  • Where documents have been lost in the post, or where documents have been posted to an address which has been provided by you but is incorrect.

We will not be liable for events outside our control and Force Majeure events, this will include natural disasters and acts of God, computer and server crash, epidemics or pandemics, war threats or violence, terrorist attacks, any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, or any action taken by a government or public authority, including but not limited to imposing an embargo, export or import restriction, quota or other restriction or prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent, fire, explosion (other than in each case one caused by a breach of contract by, or assistance of, the party seeking to rely on this clause or companies in the same group as such party) or accidental damage, non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors or services offered on our behalf by third parties, misuse by individuals, employees or third parties, we will not be liable if clients miss deadlines which may be dependent on our services.

Liability and Events outside our Control:

We make every attempt to ensure that our employee’s computers are virus free and that our website is vetted for security issues. You will ensure that your computer is virus free before accessing our website, we will not be liable for any data loss or security issues as a result of viruses.

We recommend you do not use a computer from a internet cafe, public places or public wifi hotspots and that you scan any of our documents we send you for viruses.


Cube Legal is a trading name of Cube Legal Limited company number: 07369844; Cube Legal is not a Law Firm but a Legal Service Provider, its individuals do not practise as Solicitors although they may have qualified as Solicitors, Barristers, Paralegals, Legal Executives, as such we are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority – we cannot and do not provide Litigation services ourselves, neither do we provide you with Legal Advice on your matters. We only accept service by post.

Cube Legal, Suite 101 Railway House, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5AH

www.immigrationinspectionreport.co.uk/ is a trading name of Cube Legal LTD

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