Letter of Claim

If you are in a dispute, before proceeding with litigation through the courts, you are required to write to the other party (Defendant) regarding your claim. This is known as the letter of claim. Our standard template will provide you with the necessary breakdown of your claim, which you can edit to your own requirements.

You will need to include key information, including:

  • The reason you are bringing the claim
  • What you would like to achieve
  • What will happen if it is not resolved within a specific period of time

Remember . . .

A letter of claim is an important document, if it isn’t set out correctly, it could actually prejudice your proceedings in court. Thankfully, our service covers a wide area of claims including:

  • Debts owing
  • Negligence
  • Passing off
  • Personal injury
  • Copyright infringement


Not sure if this is the correct form for you?

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Our Letter of claims service is comprehensive, and cover the following issues:

  • Background
  • Breach
  • Relevant documents
  • Consequential loss
  • Interest
  • Settlement
  • Advice and organisation contact details
  • Next steps

As standard, our service also includes:

  • Fixed Fee service– no matter how much we write or talk to you it only costs you what you initially pay.
  • Helpful Customer Relationship Letter and Guidance Notes– for reference purposes.
  • Unlimited copy printouts – for no extra fee.
  • Available 7 days a week– We are always there for your convenience making us far more contactable than both High Street Law Firms and our competitors.

£39.99 Inclusive


(Please note: For additional documents, there will be a charge of £0.75 per A4 side of paper needing to be read and understood. E.g.– for a letter of claim supported by terms and agreements consisting of two pages, there will be a charge of £1.50 (£0.70 per document)


Service & Add-ons for this template

  • Document Only

    Find the document you require by going through our bank of solicitor drafted templates

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