Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Visitor – Business

If as part of your employment you need to visit the U.K. or undertake business in relation to your employment, you can apply under this category. Applicants must comply with the eligibility criteria below.

To be eligible applicants must show:

  • You plan to come to U.K. for six months and will leave at the end
  • You have enough money to support and accommodate yourself without working or recourse to public funds
  • Can meet the cost of your outward journey
  • Have no intention of making the U.K. your base even temporarily
  • Receive your salary from abroad
  • You plan to do one or more of the permissible activities

Examples of work that may be considered under the Business category include; attending trade fairs, negotiation or entering into business contracts, conduct research, speak at a conference etc.

We can assist you with your application by:

  • Providing a clear assessment of your circumstances;
  • Pre-application issues including evidence in support;
  • Completion of your application.

As standard, our service also includes:

  • Bespoke service – from qualified legal personnel for legal precision
  • Fixed Fee service – no matter how much we write or talk to you it only costs you what you initially pay.
  • Document drafting – based upon your response to our interview questions, we’ll then take care of administration.
  • Helpful Customer Relationship Letter and Guidance Notes – for reference purposes.
  • Case Management Area – an easy point of contact to track your case and view case papers online means no lost post or papers!
  • Unlimited copy printouts – for no extra fee.
  • Available 7 days a week – We are always there for your convenience making us far more contactable than both High Street Law Firms and our competitors.

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