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Business Law

Start up entrepreneur package - Limited Liability Partnership Plus

Our latest package consists of 8 services aimed at start-ups who want the benefit of a Limited Liability Partnership. This package ensures you have everything you need to get off the ground and run your LLP. It is ideal for any entrepreneur who is seeking to work either in the supply of goods or services market. It covers both physical and online business.

In fact, this is a comprehensive package, which will cater for your prospective needs from start - up to expansion.

This service includes:

Incorporation of your Limited Liability Partnership

  • With companies house

Comprehensive partnership agreement

  • Definitions and interpretations
  • Commencement and duration
  • Partnership name and place of business
  • Accounts and bank arrangements
  • Capital
  • Drawings
  • Profits and losses
  • Partners obligations and duties
  • Management
  • Leave, holiday and maternity
  • Limitations on partners authority
  • Indemnity and expenses
  • Retirement and expulsion
  • Notices


  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Employment contract (zero hours or senior employee or junior employee)
  • Heads of terms of employment

A comprehensive staff handbook

  • Covering a wide range of areas including:
  • Arrangements for termination
  • Termination payment
  • Benefits
  • Pensions
  • Company car
  • Legal fees
  • Waiver of claims
  • Employee indemnities
  • Return of company property
  • Reference
  • Resignation
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Variation
  • Third parties

Physical or online terms & conditions

Covering a wide range of areas depending on whether your business operates solely online or as a physical business, and whether you business serves B2B or B2C. Generally our terms & conditions will also cover amongst other clauses:

  • Basis of sale
  • Goods
  • Price and payment
  • Limitation of liability
  • Assignment
  • Notices
  • Assigment
  • Jurisdiction

As standard, our service also includes:

  • Bespoke service from qualified legal personnel for legal precision
  • Fixed Fee service - no matter how much we write or talk to you it only costs you what you initially pay.
  • Document drafting based upon your response to our interview questions, ll then take care of administration.
  • Helpful Customer Relationship Letter and Guidance Notes for reference purposes.
  • Case Management Area an easy point of contact to track your case and view case papers online means no lost post or papers!
  • Unlimited copy printouts for no extra fee.
  • Available 7 days a week We are always there for your convenience making us far more contactable than both High Street Law Firms and our competitors.

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Service & Add-ons for this template

  • Document Only

    Find the document you require by going through our bank of solicitor drafted templates

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