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Business Law

Social Media Policy

If you are an employer, and your employees have access to the internet, whether via a desktop computer or a mobile device, then this policy will ensure that you maximise their productivity by either wholly limiting, or putting up reasonable constraints on their uses of social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • This document will provide a welcoming and coherent understanding between employers and employees of their rights and obligations relating to social media.
  • This document has been written so it can be self drafted by the purchaser; it is simple enough to amend and easy to understand.

This document is comprehensive in its coverage of social media and will cover the following:

  • Who the policy relates to
  • Scope and applicability
  • Personnel responsible for implementation of the policy
  • Compliance with other policies
  • Personal use of social media
  • Monitoring
  • Business use of social media
  • Recruitment
  • Responsible use of social media
  • Changes to policy

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