Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim at Cube Legal is to provide a dynamic alternative to your legal needs; we take out all the headache associated with traditional law firms and provide you with a swifter, more convenient and competitively priced form of legal assistance. Our aim at Cube Legal is to provide a dynamic alternative to your legal needs; we take out all the headache associated with traditional law firms and provide you with a swifter, more convenient and competitively priced

General Information
  • Is the service run by Solicitors
    Our company is run and set up by a qualified solicitor and the legal stuff is overlooked by individuals with considerable experience in the legal solicitor many of whom have qualified as solicitors and worked within reputable commercial and public law firms for many years. Our employees can be broken down into 3 distinct groups:

    1) Highly experienced legal's who overlook all the cases (individuals who have qualified as solicitors)

    2)Paralegals , Client Advisors & Caseworkers who conduct the day to day legal administration

    3) Support staff, who operate our webpage, and manage the general administration to ensure it runs smoothly for our customers.

    You can be sure that your service is in capable hands. However we do not operate as a law firm and as such we operate outside the regulation of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • Who produces your legal documents
    Our legal documents are produced and amended by our internal legal team, consisting of individuals who have qualified as solicitors and have considerable legal experience. Our legal services are overseen by these individuals to ensure legal precision. In certain circumstances firms of Solicitors will deal with your document or service matter on our behalf to ensure expertise within niche areas.
  • What makes cube legal different from other online legal service providers and also High Street Firms
    We bring the law to a new generation ensuring a swifter, more transparent and cost effective legal solutions, here are a few points that differentiate us:

    - We are contactable 7 days a week
    - We run a paperless office where possible
    - We use technology and legal experts to ensure a swifter more economical service
    - You can view your whole case and all your papers online, within our highly secure 'Transparent Case Management Area'
    - All our services are fixed fee
    - We do not sell just documents but tailor them to your needs only providing you with the end product
    - We allow every user to review our service for others to observe.

    That is why our motto is
  • How do I contact you
    You can contact us through several ways:
    - Call back service - a dedicated service, please see our homepage 'call back' in the left panel
    - Call us directly on 0844 542 1101
    - Email us -
    - Fax us on 01483 804 932
    - Online form - within the contact area we have a dedicated form
    - Request a visit - in exceptional circumstances please call us to arrange a visit, however to keep overheads low, we do not visit clients as standard.

    If you are a client of ours with access to the 'client area' please use the services within that area to contact us.
  • What happens when I purchase a document or service
    When you purchase a document or service, we will automatically send you confirmation of this to the email address you provide. We will also send you a username and password. Please ensure that you write this down and keep it safe. You will need to log into our client area which is on our homepage, this way we can deliver your service in a transparent and secure way, all the while you can have access to your whole legal file 24/7.
  • Does the price include VAT and Disbursements1
    Price shown include Value Added Tax where stated. Prices do not include disbursement but cover only our fee, any disbursements such as court fees will need to be paid separately.1
  • How long after purchasing the document or service do I receive the finished copy or completed service
    It will depend purely on the document or service. If the document is a standard document we will write up the document within 24 hours of receiving your response to our questions. With services such as divorce this will depend on the legal time limits, however on our part we aim to respond to every query within 24 hours, so you can be sure we will be on top of your case.
  • What happens if I cannot find the right document or service
    We are here to help! Please call one of our friendly representatives they will be able to guide you to the relevant link, alternatively they can email you the link to the service you are after. If it is a bespoke service that we can cater for we can provide you a quote along with a username and password to the client area so we can start providing you the document or service you are after.
  • What is the Case Management Area
    The Case Management Area is what our service is about. It allows us to deliver your service in a transparent manner so you can access your whole file and all your documents in this secure area. This area will allow us to communicate swiftly and provide your document or service through. It is very simple to navigate. You can download all your documents, letters or forms through this area. To use this area please see the FAQ on using my case management area.
  • What happens to my data after you finish with my case
    Privacy is one of our highest priorities as such we ensure that once your matter is complete we return any original documentation to you immediately, if your documentation is held electronically i.e. on our database, we ensure it is removed within 12 months at the latest. Any data held externally on our internal hard drives will be wiped professionally within 12 months. We will never forward your details to any third parties unless we consult you first, however if we use specialist law firms to deliver your service your data will be used by that firm to deliver your service to you. For more information please see our privacy policy, a link to which is at the bottom of our homepage.
  • If I purchase a service but do not use it for a while will it still be active
    Yes, your service will be active for 3 months after non-use or non-response - if you no longer require the service please do let us know so we can destroy any data we hold on your behalf. if there will be any other exceptional circumstances that will prevent you for using your service for longer than 3 months please let one of our team know so we can keep the service active. When using your service it is your responsibility to regularly log into your area for updates, we aim to respond to any information received from you within 24 hours.
  • What happens if I forget my password for my Case Management Area
    You can use the 'forgot password' link on our homepage under the client log in area to have a password emailed to the email account provided by you. Alternatively please contact one of our friendly representatives who will take you through some security questions and reset your password for you
  • Will the same person be dealing with my document or service
    Our aim is to provide a dedicated caseworker to individual services, you will be notified of who your caseworker is through correspondences received through the Case Management Area.
  • What happens if I purchase a document or service and then want to use another service
    If you purchase a document or service and you want to add another service we can add this to your current services through your Case Management Area, please contact customer services or your caseworker. If you want to completely change a service or document completely and no work has commenced on the same we can usually alternate you to the new service or document and refund or charge what is outstanding. If work has commenced however you will be charged for the service or document.
  • How do I review a service that I have used
    Once your service has been completed, kindly provide a review for the benefit of other users, simply go to the service you have used and sign in using the email address you used to purchase the service or document where you will be able to write a review. Alternatively you can email us your review to with the service you have used along with your full name the email address you used to purchase the service and we will upload your review for you.
  • What if I am not happy with the document or service
    If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, please email us your grievance to We have a strong focus on client care, and all complaints are dealt with very seriously and investigated. Our complaints department will decide the best course of action and will keep you informed.
  • What if I am not happy with the document or service
    If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, please email us your grievance to We have a strong focus on client care, and all complaints are dealt with very seriously and investigated. Our complaints department will decide the best course of action and will keep you informed.
  • Is Cube Legal a Law Firm?
    Cube Legal is not a law firm and does not operate as one nor is it required to be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We carry out services in areas which are non regulated as well as provide support with our legal documents leaving you with the finished product. Those services that require us to be regulated are carried out by our preferred partner law firms.
Using The Service
  • Which web browser is Cube Legal compatible with
    We suggest you use Firefox, Internet Explorer for best results, however our website should be compatible with all major applications including Google Chrome. Please check your security settings if certain aspects of our website are not showing.
  • How do I print my document
    You can print in one of two ways, firstly using your browser and the print option under 'file' and then press 'print'. Alternatively you can use the print icon which is visible when you open a message we have sent to you. If you are still having problems please contact one of our friendly representatives.
  • Can I get an invoice
    Your Case Management Area will have an invoice tab, you can print this by using the print option in your internet browser. We also send an invoice to your email upon purchase.
Using My Client Management (Client Area)
  • When I log in why does it ask me for my details
    When you first log in to your Case Management Area it will ask you for certain details including your name, address and telephone number. This is so our system can automatically assign and personalise the area for you and create your file. This should only happen once, it will assist both you and us in communicating, for example when you send a message to your case worker our system will know precisely who you are and what your service is. When we correspond with you the system will automatically fill in your name and details on any forms. Please ensure the details provided are absolutely accurate.
  • How do I navigate around the client area
    The client area has been designed so it is very simple and easy to use, in the left panel you have buttons for the following, each area is also colour co-ordinated:

    - Mail Home - this will take you to your main area this is very much like your email inbox except it is simplified so you can only send and receive from your caseworker.

    - Write- This button will open a window that will allow you to write or respond to anything with your caseworker, it is very much like sending an email except you do not need to fill in any address just press send and it will go directly to your caseworker.

    - Invoice - This button will take you to a live invoice, if you add a new service or id there is money outstanding you can see a breakdown in this section and also proceed to pay.

    - Call Back - This button will take you to a dedicated call back service, this will go to your caseworker.

    To view your case papers and downloads, please click on the tab at the top entitled "Documents"

    To change your details please click on the button in the top right entitled "Your Details"

    When you finish with the Case Management Area please ensure you log out, to do this please click on the "Log out" button which can be found in top right of your page next to "your Details".
  • How do I change my password or details
    Log into your Case Management Area through your client area, to change your details after the first time you log in simply click on the button entitled "Your Details" in the top right of the page. Make sure you keep your new password safe.
  • How do I send something to my caseworker or respond to my case worker
    To correspond with your caseworker or provide information which has been requested, simply log into the client area to get through to your Case Management Area. Once you have logged on, click on "write" and a window will open, simply type as you would normally do in an email, there is no need to write any sender or recipient 'address' or information. These fields will be filled in automatically. To attach a document please press the attach button and attach the relevant document. Press 'Send' and it will be received by your caseworker. You will notice that a copy will drop into your 'Mail Home' this is so there is chronological copy of all correspondence on your file, should you need to refer to them in the future.
  • When I respond to my caseworker using my Case Management Area how do I know it has been received by my case worker
    When you send a correspondence, our system will automatically pick it up and place it in the inbox of your caseworker, a copy will drop into your 'Mail Home' area, this will mean that it has been sent. We aim to respond to all written correspondences in at least 24 hours, however if it takes longer that 36 hours, please contact your caseworker again.
  • How do I download my attachments
    There are two ways to download documents, to download attachments sent to you by your caseworker, simply download them from the mails he has attached them to, in the same way you would with any standard email. You can also click on the 'Documents' tab at the top and download any documents from there, this area will contain any documents which are part of your service but have not been sent electronically so it will include scanned copies of any correspondence received.
  • How do I attach a form or document to send to my caseworker
    To attach any electronic document simply click on 'Write' and then click on 'Attach' to attach the document. When you press 'Send' it will be received by your caseworker.
  • What is the stick-it note
    The stick it note, will allow you to write a little reminder for yourself for next time you log in, to use the stick it note please type your statement in there and click on 'stick' and it will become 'stuck' . To write over it simply type something new in the box and follow the same process.
  • What to do if I get an error message
    Our system performance is reviewed constantly throughout every day, in the unlikely event of an error message please notify the company immediately by calling us.
  • Where are the documents stored which are downloadable from the case management area
    The documents stored in the Case Management Area are stored externally with our large hosting companies, whose servers are stored in highly secure dedicated data centres.
  • How secure is the Case Management Area
    The Case Management Area is highly secure, all information is kept in external data centres. To access the area individual usernames and passwords are used, this is supplemented by visual character entry for further security. We guard your privacy to the highest standards. All documents attached to this area are scanned for viruses so you can be safe in the knowledge that security is one of our highest priority.
  • In what circumstances can I get a refund
    We will only refund our fee if work has not commenced on your document and service and it is within the distance selling regulation, for further information please speak to customer service. Any costs incurred in refunding will be transferred over to you in doing so. If we suspect that any client has regularly purchased and cancelled a document or service we reserve the right to retain the fee and notify the relevant authorities for money laundering.
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